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Designed by people with period pain - we took 40 years of medically supported T.E.N.S technology and uniquely tailored its frequency and vibration patterns to instantly mute your period pain, perfecting it into a compact and wireless solution.


5 Pulse settings

Remote controlled


No side-effects


Wearing Mira Pro

Your pain-free formula

With the Mira Pro, switching off your period pain is as simple as

Stick it on

Turn it on

Find your best setting

Enjoy sweet relief

Erin Alysha Mira Pro

"I take my Mira Pro literally everywhere with me when it's that time of the month." - erin.alysha

3% return rate

97% chance Mira mutes your period pain

Or we pay return shipping

Wearing Mira Pro

But, where is it..?

Small enough to disappear under your clothes. Effective enough for you to forget about the pain!

Mira Pro Blueprint

Uniquely designed for maximum relief

The medical community has loved TENS technology for decades - we just made it wireless, compact, and designed the pulse frequencies to perfectly mute your period pain!

Don't take our word for it

"TENS is considered safe, non-invasive, and highly effective in controlling muscle-related pain."

"TENS may be able to help reduce pain including period pain and pelvic pain caused by endometriosis."

"With TENS technology, you'll experience a non-painful tingling or buzzing sensation, which can help to block pain messages..."

"The electrical impulses can reduce the pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain, which may help relieve pain and relax muscles."

Mira Pro Doctor Testimonial

A better way to relieve pain

Discreet and Wireless? Why Yes! 

So compact it'll disappear under your clothes so you'll forget its even there - just like you'll forget about your pain!

All Day? Hooray!

Enough battery to go worry-free for a whole day.

People Pleaser

The scientists built it, the doctors recommend it, the people love it!

Drug-Free & Safe

Finally, a natural solution to period pain without the side effects!

Wearing Mira Pro

Pain-Free Guarantee

Free Shipping & Returns

World-Wide Shipping

Buy Now, Pay Later

Due to high demand we often sell out! If you have any further questions, please email us at hi@mirapro.com.au

92% of our verified customers rated us 5 out of 5

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4.8 Based on 1,211 Reviews
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Mira Pro Mira Review
11 June 2021

I have endometriosis and so far I only got to try it out during mild flare ups but it helped me instantly. Usually I would take my regular pain killers but this helped me even faster. Since it's so tiny and discrete I can take it with me everywhere and put it on at any time. Thinking about having something on the go that actually helps, really calms me down and already helps a lot with my pain.

Alica P.
Germany Germany
Mira Pro Mira Review
21 March 2021
Excellent, super helpful!

My gifriend is a IBS sufferer and this has actually been super useful in subduing her pain while she has abdominal pain and IBS attacks. Her only wish is that the product had a timer, that allowed her to go to sleep with it on, and it would turn off by itself. Thank you so much for a product that truly helps women!

Ziggy A.
Mira Pro Mira Review
19 March 2021
Finally some immediate relief!

Mira is a life saver. Sometimes it takes the pain away all together and on horrible days it makes the pain essentially none. With mira I can go about my day like normal and finally live pain free. It works quickly and I no longer have to sit with a heating pad or wait for ibuprofen to work.

Rayna W.
Mira Pro Mira Review
18 March 2021
Worth every cent!!

I suffer adenomyosis, endometriosis, pelvic congestion syndrome and PCOS. So when I have periods and ovulate the pain is so intense that I cant go to work or even function on daily tasks. With that in mind, Mira CHANGED MY LIFE!! I can now live a semi-normal life. There are settings which change how strong the sensation is (I usually push it at least 12-13 times) . Once I take it off I still feel fantastic for about 2 hrs (which is long enough for it to recharge). The company itself is great and customer service is excellent. Please give the product a try.

Payton B.
Mira Pro Mira Review
17 March 2021

I have endo and the first two days of my period are usually the worst in terms of pain. I’ve been using this product for the last 2 months and overall I’m pretty impressed...unfortunately I still have to take painkillers on the first day. But it's so much better with this product than without it.

Rubi D.
Mira Pro Mira Review
15 March 2021
Very surprising

As someone with endometriosis I was convinced that nothing was able to help with the pain. After reading most of the reviews I bought this and thought I’ll give it a chance. To my surprise, the product has been very helpful even on my worst flare up days.

Izabelle H.

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Wearing Mira Pro
Wearing Mira Pro
Wearing Mira Pro
Wearing Mira Pro
Wearing Mira Pro
Wearing Mira Pro